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How to register for a library card online:

Step 1

Start by clicking the Account link from our website or by selecting to Log In/Register from the My Account menu when in using the library catalog.
Select the link which says click or tap here to register now.

Step one of online registration

Step 2

Next, you will next see a helpful message about the online registration process.

Step 2 of online registration

Step 3

Select your home library and zip code and then, from the options, choose your city.

Step 3a in online registration
sTep 3b of online registration

Step 4

Fill out the form with your information. Please be sure to include an email address to complete the online registration process. The system will provide a temporary library card number that will ONLY access the “My Account” login. Staff will follow up with you via email to complete your online registration and outline our online services. These registrations are good for 60 days. After this period, please visit one of our locations to complete the full sign-up process.

step 4b of online registration