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 Choose Civility: Allegany County, MD

Choose Civility: Allegany County, MD


Choose Civility: Allegany County chooses to be a model of civility.


Choose Civility: Allegany County is a grassroots initiative to improve and enrich Allegany County by promoting civil       conversations and kindness toward others.

15 Principles

  1. Pay attention
  2. Assume the best
  3. Listen
  4. Respect other people’s time and space
  5. Speak kindly
  6. Accept and give constructive criticism
  7. Respect other’s opinions
  8. Accept and give praise
  9. Be inclusive
  10. Acknowledge others
  11. Be a considerate guest
  12. Apologize earnestly
  13. Take Responsibility
  14. Assert yourself
  15. Refrain from idle complaints
Choosing Civility by P.M. Forni
Staff at Howard County Public Library started Choose Civility after being inspired by Dr. Forni and his book at a staff development day in 2006!

Choose Civility: Allegany County YouTube

Visit Choose Civility: Allegany County’s YouTube Playlist for recordings of community discussions and events!

Allegany County’s Community Partners

To become a community partner or for more information, download our Choose Civility Community Partner Agreement and contact Renee Mason or 301-777-1200.

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Visit our Choose Civility: Allegany County Facebook page to see what events are happening in the area!