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The Post Access

Offsite Access

Authenticates by log-in credentials, specifically an email address and password

·        Navigate to your library’s homepage; then go to the library’s page for Newspapers and Magazines

·        Locate the offsite access link for

·        Select the offsite access button

·        Readers are taken to your library landing page at landing page with the following message  “Try The Washington Post free for the next 7 days. Enter your email to get started:”

·        Users should then register or log-in with two steps by entering an email address and password

·        Unrestricted offsite access is available to readers for 7 days, beginning at the point of entering the site after registering or logging in.  On the eighth day,  users should return to the library’s digital resource webpage and select the offsite access link for;  this triggers a new 7-day access period for the individual.