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Learning from Home & Homeschooling Resources

Home Schooling Curricula

Search the ACLS catalog for

“your topic” and “curricula”

“home schooling and curricula” or

“science and curricula” or

“math and curricula” or

“gravity and home schooling” or

“reading and home schooling” or

“science and home schooling.”

Or Search Google for

“home schooling and gravity”

“curricula and botany and elementary” or

“Home schooling and middle school reading”

Even More Resources for Home Schooling

Homeschooling Kits

Available for checkout at the Allegany County Library System. The kits contain a mixture of books, games, and manipulatives, such as a Planetarium Projector. Subjects vary upon availability, but can include: Art, Astronomy, Geography, Learning to Read, U.S. History, and Science. The kits have been added to the Library’s online catalog and library patrons can place a hold on the items with their library card. Funding for these kits was provided by the Western Maryland Regional Library.

  • Visit the ACLS Students page for a wealth of resources for students
  • Try a library database for magazine and journal articles from reliable resources
  • Try InterLibrary Loan for materials from over 700 libraries across the state of Maryland.

Norse Mythology Kit