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Welcome to Allegany County Library’s Public Web Access

Computer Acceptable Use Policy

To maximize availability and to ensure fair access to all, please follow these rules and policies. Violation of these rules may result in loss of computer privileges.

To accept these policies, scroll to the bottom.

User Responsibilities:

  • Users should be aware that the accuracy, completeness, and currency of Internet sites vary widely.
  • Users are cautioned that the Internet is not always secure and the privacy of credit card purchases and other communications is not assured.
  • Users are responsible for compliance with all copyright notices and restrictions attached to web content, and with all state and federal laws.
  •  As with other library materials, restriction of a child’s access to the Internet is the responsibility of the parent/legal guardian.
  •  While the library makes every effort to provide stable and effective Internet access for its customers, the Internet is an electronic medium with inter-dependent links and is subject to disruptions beyond the library’s control.
  • The library assumes no responsibility for the content found on Internet sites other than those created by the library system.

Types of Access:

  • Full web access computers are available in all branches of the Allegany County Library System.
  • The Allegany County Library System uses software to block access to objectionable material. Please be aware that no filtering software is 100% effective and the best filter is active parental participation.
  • In accordance with the Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA), library staff can disable the filtering software upon request for adult patrons (age 17 and over) using designated computers for bona fide research or other lawful purpose.
  • Viewing of pages that display graphic sexual content is inappropriate for a public and open environment and is prohibited. Staff will intervene when they observe such behavior or if it is brought to their attention. 

Use of Equipment:

  • The library’s computers are to be used for purposes consistent with the library’s mission.
  • Computers must be shared and used in a manner consistent with the Library’s Rules of Conduct.
  • The computer hardware and software must be used as installed. Users should not attempt to reconfigure the computers, load new software, or run their own software or applications.
  • Adults are prohibited from using the children’s computer(s) unless assisting a child.

 Usage Limits:

  • All computer users must have a valid library account to use a computer.
  • All computer users must user their own library account number.
  • Blocks on a patron’s account as a result of excess overdue fees or an expired patron record must be rectified before computer use.
  • “Out-of-town” visitors may apply for a temporary visitor’s card.
  •  Use of a library computer is limited to a maximum duration per day.
  • All library computers will logoff 10 minutes prior to closing.


  • Printing must be completed within the time of the user’s session.
  • Payment for printing must be applied to the computer user’s library account prior to printing.
  • All printouts from computers can be picked up at the circulation desk or designated area.


  • All files must be saved to removable media. Users are not permitted to store or save files to library computers.
  • Removable media may be purchased at the Circulation Desk.
  • The library does run virus check software but is not responsible for damages caused by computer viruses.

Privacy Statement:

  • The Allegany County Library System is committed to protecting the privacy of its customers.  Information concerning personal use of the Internet is confidential and will not be released without a properly executed subpoena.

The Allegany County Library System affirms the right of each individual to have access to constitutionally protected material. It further recognizes that the Internet can enable citizens to access information from around the globe, and therefore has made a commitment to provide free Internet access to all Allegany County citizens.

The Internet enables the library to provide resources not available from within its own collections. While the Internet can offer material beneficial to individuals of all ages, it also provides access to material that may be controversial or illegal.

The library assumes responsibility only for the information provided on its website. Links from a library web page do not constitute endorsement or recommendation.

Because the Internet contains an enormous variety of rapidly changing material and opinions, the Library cannot monitor or control Internet sites. Internet use will be managed in a manner consistent with the library’s Rules of Conduct. Librarians will monitor use of the service and failure to use the web computers appropriately and responsibly may result in the revocation of computer use privileges, the loss of library privileges, and/or criminal prosecution.

The Library reserves the right to modify this policy during times of local, statewide, or Federal states of emergency.

 Comments of questions related to this policy may be addressed by sending an email to , calling us at 301.777.1200, or to the following postal address:

John Taube, Executive Director

Allegany County Library System

31 Washington Street

Cumberland, MD 21502

Allegany County Library Board of Trustees

Allegany County Library System

Computer Use Policy

August 2020