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Rules of Conduct

The Allegany County Library System welcomes all users to its services and facilities.  So that we may provide a friendly and safe atmosphere to read, study, or work the library prohibits the following:

  1. Disorderly conduct
  2. Physical or verbal abuse or assault
  3. Alcohol or illicit drugs
  4. Loitering
  5. Vagrancy
  6. Abuse of library facilities or equipment
  7. Smoking
  8. Food or beverages
  9. Skateboarding on library premises.
  10. Carrying dangerous weapons, handguns, or firearms.

In addition to the above, patrons using the library are required to wear shoes and shirts. 

So as not to disturb others, please restrict cell phone use to lobbies and foyers only.  Set your cell phone to vibrate mode or lowest possible ring volume. 

Patrons are prohibited from bringing animals into the library other than those aiding the disabled.

All library material must be charged out in accordance with established procedures before being taken from library premises.

Users of the library must respect the rights and privileges of all other users.

The Library reserves the right to modify this policy during times of local, statewide, or Federal states of emergency.

Individuals failing to follow this policy will be asked to leave until the problem is corrected and non-compliance may result in the suspension of library privileges.  The appropriate law enforcement agency will be called if necessary.

Allegany County Library Board of Trustees

Allegany County Library System

Rules of Conduct

August 2020